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Production Management

Production Management is designed to provide the dairy manager with the assistance needed to solve production related problems in an existing operation.  This assistance can cover a wierange of potential situations such as cow comfort, milk production analysis, milking techniques and procedures, dairy cow nutrition, replacement heifer management and procurement, animal health and bio-security concerns, feed procurement and feed storage and feeding system analysis.

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Standard Operating Protocol

The standard operating protocol is a detailed set of instructions that outlines how a desired operation is to be carried out. In other words, it is the organization of work. The development of standard operating protocols are critical to insure uniform activity when others are performing the activities.

Systems Development

Managing the work that needs to be completed each day on a large dairy is one of the most difficult skills that a dairy manager must learn.  Roach & Associates, LLC will assist you in developing simple systems that people can implement.  Your employees need direction and it is management’s responsibility to provide that direction.  Think of all the decisions that each of your employees must make each day.  How do you make sure that they are making the correct decisions? Simple Systems that give direction and employees who implement the systems correctly will result in the proper decisions being made.

In order to be profitable, work must be organized.  Systems management is the key to being organized and a successful business.  Roach & Associates, LLC system development program will assist you in organizing your business.  The systems development procedure is a detailed process of outlining areas of responsibility, developing objectives for areas and designing systems to accomplish work, as the management desires it done. Some of the components included are manager and employee job descriptions, performance measures, performance objectives, methods to measure performance, employee scheduling, and activity flows.  Some components of system development are milking procedures, teat dipping, mastitis treatment, pre-fresh, fresh and dry cow. Posilac injections, cow recording and calf and maternity pen systems.

The system development program is tailor-made to each client’s needs.  The entire dairy business will be examined since often there are multiple causes for one specific problem as well as many interactions between areas.  The system development program is a valuable service for both newly expanded and existing dairies that wish to improve their businesses.

Nutrient Management Plan (NMP)

A Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) is a plan to apply manure and commercial fertilizer to cropland in amounts that willbe utilized by the crop and is a componenet of the CMNP.

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