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Expansion Planning
The Building Process

The building phase of any modernization project tends to be the most exciting and stressful period of the entire project

Roach & Associates offers a number of services to assist the progressive dairy manager during this process.

These services go hand-in-hand with the financial planning phase of the expansion, including the feasibility study and business plan.


Construction Phase

During the construction phase, Roach & Associates can provide on-site technical assistance and consulting directly with contractors.  Coordination of contractors and sub-contractors can be a difficult process for a manager trying to run an active dairy the same time.  Many building contractors do not provide construction management services – a fact which many dairy managers are not aware of.  In order to prevent cost overruns and get through the building process on schedule, you should consider keeping Roach & Associates involved through this phase.

Site Planning

The site plan is designed to provide you with a detailed layout of the farmstead plan for your operation.  During this process, Roach & Associates may work with your county land conservation department and NRCS to develop a survey and design to manure storage, manure transfer, storm water management systems and the construction site erosion control plan. The site planning process and design phase allows new construction to take place.

Facility Design

Facility design is provided to clients who may be uncertain of the best facilities to meet the goals of their business plan.  Roach & Associates will work with the client to determine the most cost-effective facility to meet their needs.  This includes working with one of more building contractors to put rough costs to the proposed design. Roach & Associates can draw upon our multitude of experiences in other expansion projects to design the most efficient facilities possible.

Bid Specifications

The proposed design is used in developing a detailed set of Bid specifications from which contractors can bid.  The bids can then be compared since the facility bid will be identical from each contractor. During this phase of the project, Roach & Associates will work with each contractor.  This will allow the dairy producer to get the best possible value for his dollars invested and helps in preventing cost overruns.  Bid specifications can be developed for housing facilities, milking centers, electrical systems, plumbing systems and feed storage.

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