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Roach & Associates, LLC is committed to the dairy industry. We have a dedicated staff that has the experience and desire to assist you with your project.

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Badger Holsteins
Rosendale Dairy
Hopewell Dairy(OH)

Badger Holsteins is a 1,000-cow dairy. Roach & Associates developed additional waste storage facilities and designed a flush flume manure transfer system that included a sand-settling lane.

Rosendale Dairy is an 8,000-cow dairy constructed in 2008. Roach & Associates developed the site plan, waste storage facilities, waste transfer, feed storage facilities, and storm water plan. In addition, we developed the WPDES permit and conducted construction management and inspection for the project.

Hopewell Dairy is a 2,500-cow dairy and was one of five large dairies that Roach and Associates managed under a court ordered receivership of in 2009 and 2010.

Badger Holstein Sand Settling Lane
Sand Settling Lane
Rosendale Dairy WSF/PVC waterstop
WSF/PVC Waterstop
Rosendale Dairy Lechate Collection System
Leachate Collection System
Hopewell Receivership
2,500 Cow Ohio Dairy Receivership
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