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Business & Financial Management

Business Plan

The business plan is designed to provide you with a detailed analysis of a selected option for the changing to your business and includes a formal presentation designed to submit to lenders.

The business plan shows the projected financial performance of a given option in the form of financial ratios, detailed cash flows for the first three years and projected balance sheet impact. It also shows projected cattle, labor and feed needs and milk production history. The business plan serves two purposes. It first serves as a road map for you to navigate through the process and secondly, it allows you to find a partner in the lending industry to finance the project.

Operating Plan

The operating plan is designed to assist dairy business managers who want to change the direction for their business for the coming year. It will assist a business that is in need of refinancing, reorganization, and/or financial management improvement. This situation may be the result of poor debt structure, insufficient operating funds, production problems, and/or unforeseen increases in expenses.

The operation plan addresses the challenges that the business is currently facing and identifies the cause or causes. A detailed plan is laid out, showing how the changes will be implemented and the results are measured. This entails a detailed description of recommended management changes and a financial projection showing that the changes will work. This includes a formal presentation designed to submit to lenders.

Joint Venture and Business Structure

Entity agreement is designed for growing dairy businesses that will be merging two or more existing operations and/or people into a new entity. This is a critical stage for any business undergoing this type of change. If overlooked or done improperly, this can (and has) cause serious challenges for the management and success of the business.

The entity being formed is most commonly a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). The agreement is drafted and then presented to a lawyer with experience in agriculture to write the legal document. While the creation of the legal document is the result, the agreement and discussions in the development of the agreement are the most important components of the process.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is designed to explore the viability of changes to your current farm business. These changes could include expansion, modernization of existing facilities, or changes to one enterprise within the business.

The feasibility study explores the financial outcome of a project. It allows you to explore multiple options for changing your business. It is much easier (and less expensive) to change your mind on paper rather than after the concrete is poured and the heifers are purchased. The study includes the following components.

Human Resources

The human resources program has been designed to assist growing or existing operations in managing the labor aspect of the business. The process of finding, hiring, training, and managing labor is a new experience for many farm managers and presents a set of all new unique challenges.

Roach and Associates, LLC will make the successfully managing of labor easier by providing resources tailor-made to your business.

Crisis Management and Receivership

Roach & Associates has experience in assuming management and control of large dairy or livestock operations.  To begin an engagement, a team is deployed to the site that is experienced in stabilizing operations, sourcing labor, establishing accounting and banking, normalizing relations with suppliers and venders and working with regulators and government agencies.  The critical needs of the operation are developed and prioritized and a short term operating plan is developed.         





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