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Agricultural Engineering
Site Development

Site development includes a wide range of services, with the foundation being a detailed site survey.  The site survey includes the existing structures as well as the contours of the land.  From the site survey, site improvements as well as future expansions can be positioned. Other considerations include the development of the Construction Site Erosion Control Plan (CSECP) required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) when more than one acre of area is disturbed during construction.  A Storm Water Plan (SWP) may also be required depending on County regulations.


Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

A Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) is an environmental audit. It considers the risks your current facilities and your current management practices pose to the environment.

The CNMP identifies resource concerns and then develops corrective alternatives.

Retrofitting of Existing or New Facilities

Change on a modern dairy facility is ongoing.  Often to be most efficient, a combination of changes to existing facilities is part of the expansion.  Roach & Associates, LLC (R&A) has experience in large dairy herd management, new facility design, construction management and existing facility transition.  We can bring to your business experience in what has worked on other dairies and maybe more importantly what has not.       

Facility Engineering Services

Through the years R&A has designed and constructed freestall barns, milking centers, waste storage facilities, waste transfer systems (including flush flume systems), waste treatment strips, open lots, sand settling lanes, forage bunkers and flat pads and leachate collection and storage systems.  R&A is experienced in anaerobic digestion, as well as solids and phosphorus removal technologies.  R&A is, and will remain on the cutting edge of new technology as it develops.  We are committed to engineering and designing systems that are cost effective and work.


Livestock Facility Sitting Permit

Wisconsin’s new Livestock Facility Siting Law was enacted in May of 2006. If you are planning on expanding your operation and your local government regulates new and expanded livestock operations you will need to complete a Livestock Facility Siting application.

Roach and Associates, LLC is prepared to work with you to complete your application. R&A has a qualified engineer and certified nutrient management planner on staff to assist you in meeting all of the property line setbacks, odor management, nutrient management, manure storage and runoff management requirements of the Livestock Facility Siting Law.

Permit Development - (WPDES)

Roach & Associates, LLC can develop the WPDES permit application and assist with all of the record keeping and reporting requirements. R&A works with the farm’s agronomist to develop a record system that is compatible with the Nutrient Management Plan (NMP).

In the event that the WPDES permit requires validation of existing waste storage facilities that were not designed to NRCS Practice Standards, R&A will provide the engineering investigation.

Roach & Associates, LLC is able to facilitate all of your agricultural engineering needs. We have developed sound working relationships with county, state regulators, and have the reputation of providing quality service at a fair price.

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